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Explore the growing gaming hub in the Nordics

Home to internationally recognized gaming studios and IPs, a thriving business ecosystem, and top-class education, the Greater Copenhagen Region is the new hot spot in the gaming industry.


greater copenhagen region & the gaming industry


The Stats say it all:

++ 230+ employees

++ 70+ nationalities in the industry

++ 2400+ Employees

++ 15% employment growth in the 10 years

++ Approx 2000 m Euros in revenue

++ 30% growth in revenue in the last 5 years

++ 3 major entertainment IPs – Star Wars, James Bond, Avatar

 The Greater Copenhagen Region and its leading players


The Greater Copenhagen Region is one of the densest game development areas on the planet, with more than 2000+ game developers and 250+ studios. These studios range from serious indie studios with global hits all the way to some of the largest AAA developers who are working on some of the largest entertainment IPs in history.

The most promising names on the Swedish side are Massive, King , Tarsier, ThunderfulSharkmob,  Avalanche Studios Group and Coffee Stain while the Danish side boasts of leading players like UnityIO Interactive,  SYBO, Ghostship Games, Triband ,  Betadwarf,  and  Tactile  . And that is not all - there is an increasingly large range of companies from indies to AAA and everything in between. 

What nourishes the game industry to grow in the region is the continuous support by the actors of the ecosystem, in the form of professional and social events, networking, business opportunities, education, and community building.

Rising game studio stars


The region is home to a multitude of successful and up-and-coming smaller studios with highly ambitious and experienced teams. These smaller studios, together with other supporting actors like educators specifically aimed towards educating game developers, and community organizations like Game Habitat and Copenhagen Game Collective work together to promote the many budding talents and early-stage studios.

Some of the more notable success stories are Frictional Games – makers of Amnesia and recently announced Amnesia: The Bunker. Triband – makers of comical and outrageous games like What the Car? Other successes are Bad North and My Friend Pedro. These are just some of the gems hidden in the Greater Copenhagen Region and many more remain to be discovered.



320 +



2000 m €

approx. revenue


3500 +


007_James Bond_Game


Major IPs: Star Wars, James Bond, Avatar


23 %

growth in revenue in the last 5 years



nationalities in the industry

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annual employment growth the last 5 years

Few of the hottest IPs in the market


The growing interest in the gaming industry has led to the creation of successful IPs and games that attract more gaming business opportunities and talents in the region. A few bright examples include: Tom Clancy’s “The Division 2”, the Hitman franchise, My Friend Pedro, Sayonara Wildhearts, the Amnesia franchise, Ghostrunner, MovieStar Planet, and Subway Surfers.

Currently, there are three major entertainment IPs being developed into games in the region. Massive Entertainment is working with James Cameron to make games from the Avatar movies and with Disney to create a new open-world Star Wars game. IO Interactive has been tasked with making the new James Bond game, and given their history with the Hitman series, there is arguably no better studio to do 007 justice. 

Avatar Massive by Massive
007 IO Interactive project by IO Interactive
Star-Wars-Outlaws-Announce_Massive by Massive

Nurturing our growing talent pool


Games are a creative endeavor that crosses multiple disciplines, from art to programming and more. Thus, every studio requires people with extraordinary skills and passion. To ensure an abundance of such talent in the region, the Greater Copenhagen Region not only attracts them from abroad but also develops them locally.

The region is home to 17 universities with various educations and even more specialized colleges. Denmark hosts a number of educational tracks at universities such as IT University of Copenhagen, Aalborg University as well as Higher Professional or vocational schools, such as Grenå Game College, VIA Animation Workshop, DADIU and CADA Truemax Academy. Sweden is known for Lund University, one of the 100 top-ranked technical universities in the world, but also boasts two of the best game developer schools in the world – The Game Assembly and Future Games. The Game Assembly itself has educated about 10% of all Swedish Game Developers. Combined, the region offers more than 52 courses and educational opportunities for game developers, building a diverse and highly skilled pool of talent.


Business Opportunities

Here's how you can tap into the business potential of one of the densest game development areas on the planet.

Publishing & Funding

For those interested in finding a foothold in the European market, the region offers a number of local, well-known fund investors, publishers, and service providers, such as Nordisk Film Games, Raw Fury, Bonnier, Modern Times Group, to name a few, that can help game developers explore the local market. 

Cross Industry Innovation

The region is also home to industry leaders in other fields, such as entertainment, automotive, RnD, and Life Science industries. Names like LEGO, IKEA, Novo Nordisk, and Volvo are present. These companies have been looking towards the games industry for inspiration, collaboration, and more. Gamification and industry crossover Partnerships are becoming more frequent as technologies such as AR/VR and others are becoming more widespread – increasing the opportunities for more partnerships in the region.

Global Network

Although geographically small, the region boasts one of the largest game developer conferences in Europe – the Nordic Game Conference. A melting pot of developers, publishers, investors, and anyone who loves games, with over 3,000 attendees and hundreds of companies. The conference attracts giants like Tencent, Ubisoft, Sony, Embracer, and many more. 

Greater Copenhagen Region is a place of endless opportunities for businesses and people alike. A place to live grow and evolve.

  • Top-quality of life
  • Great for doing business
  • Highly educated population
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Direct proximity to two markets
  • Lovely pastries

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For more interesting facts and testimonials about what is like to do business in the Greater Copenhagen Region, click below.

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About Greater Copenhagen Region

Greater Copenhagen Region stretches over the borders of Denmark and Sweden. With 4.4 million inhabitants and 17 universities, it’s the largest metropolitan area in the Nordics and a global hub for growth, sustainable solutions and innovation. The region offers world-class research facilities and a creative business environment. Outstanding infrastructure makes Greater Copenhagen Region highly connected via rail, road, air and sea. The two main cities of the region, Sweden’s Malmö and Denmark’s Copenhagen are just a half hour train-ride apart. Its strategic location makes Greater Copenhagen Region the link between 25 million consumers in Scandinavia and 125 million in Northern Europe.